• Image of 2018 Cloth Moon Phase Calendar
  • Image of 2018 Cloth Moon Phase Calendar
  • Image of 2018 Cloth Moon Phase Calendar

Hand drawn moon phase calendar for 2018.

A little about the design:
I am drawn to modern and art deco design. I have enjoyed finding my own way of incorporating them into my work. I have a fascination for the symbols and design elements of ancient Egypt and have drawn this years calendar with a silhouette that evokes the Egyptian scarab. Although it was associated with the sun, the scarab also referred to ideas of existence, manifestation, development, growth and effectiveness.

The dates on the calendar are for the West coast, depending on your time zone, dates and times will vary for lunar phases.

This one colour screen print is on a natural unbleached cotton with a raw edge.

It measures 16" X 20" , fits in a standard sized frame.

The print will be shipped folded in a stiff envelope, a quick ironing will relax the folds. I use standard mail ( they ship as a letter, no tracking) for these, if you are in a time crunch and need it by a certain date, let me know!

Hand printed in Vancouver, BC


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Shipping within CANADA

-Local to Vancouver DEC 20th
-Rest of BC Dec 19th
-Out of province Dec 18th

Shipping to USA
-Dec 12th

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