Wall hanging with tassels
Image of Wall hanging with tassels
Wall hanging with tassels
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Hand drawn moon phase calendar for 2018.

A little about the design:
I am drawn to modern and art deco design. I have enjoyed finding my own way of incorporating them into my work. I have a fascination for the symbols and design elements of ancient Egypt and have drawn this years calendar with a silhouette that evokes the Egyptian scarab. Although it was associated with the sun, the scarab also referred to ideas of existence, manifestation, development, growth and effectiveness.

The dates on the calendar are for the West coast, depending on your time zone, dates and times will vary for lunar phases.

This one colour screen print is on a natural unbleached cotton with a finished edge. The tassels are handmade with 100% cotton, hung on a wooden dowel by a leather adjustable string.

The print measures 19" X 24" plus the tassels

Screen printed in Vancouver, BC

International shipping does not include tracking. If your in a rush or need to track your order let me know and I can make it happen.

Wall hanging with tassels
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